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Mission Reports

2016 CLARREO Pathfinder Science Team Summary Report [PDF]
This is a 74-page summary report of the CLARREO Pathfinder Mission as of June 2016. 

2016 CLARREO Pathfinder Executive Summary [PDF]
This is a 1-page overview of the CLARREO Pathfinder Mission. 

2016 Full CLARREO Mission Brief [PDF]
This is a 1-page synopsis of the full CLARREO mission. 

CLARREO Science Team Summary Report, October 2017 [PDF]
This 200+ page report document summarizes the CLARREO mission and science efforts
with input from across the science team.  
2015 NRC Continuity Report [PDF]
This 124-page report provides a framework for analyzing the needs for continuity of NASA-sustained
remote sensing observations of the Earth from space.

Guidelines for Radiometric Calibration [PDF]
This 143-page document provides guidelines for radiometric calibration of electro-optical instruments for remote sensing. 
VOI for Climate Observing Systems [PDF]
This 22-page article describes the process in which the Interagency Working Group's Memo on the social cost of carbon is
used to compute the value of information (VOI) of climate observing systems.  

2014 CLARREO Executive Summary [PDF]
This 3-page overview of the CLARREO mission includes mission observations,
near term impacts and societal benefits,technical readiness, as well as baseline, ISS, and minimum mission options.

2014 CLARREO Brief [PDF]
This is a 1-page condensed version of the CLARREO Executive Summary. 

Trans-Atlantic Cooperation Explored for TRUTHS & CLARREO Missions [PDF]
The article is on page 16.

New CLARREO Mission Overview (January 2011) [PDF]
This 36-slide package contains an updated overview of the CLARREO mission
since the last mission overview in January 2010.

CLARREO SDT Selection Including Abstracts [PDF]
This document identifies the payload accommodation requirements to support engineering
trade studies to determine the feasibility of flying the payload instruments on smaller class launch vehicles.

CLARREO DAC-5 Mission Architecture Overview (June 2010) [PDF]
This package includes the payload accommodation requirements for the IR, RS,
and GNSS-RO observatories as a result of a design cycle in June 2010.

CLARREO Mission Overview (January 2010) [PDF]
This is a 24-slide overview of the CLARREO mission as of January 2010.
It includes the mission's purpose, requirements, measurements and instruments,
spacecraft and bus, and launch vehicle strategy.
GNSS RO Draft Requirements
DRAFT - Outline of Level 2 Measurement Requirements and Error Budgets Down to Level 3 GNSS-RO Instrument, Mission, Ground, and GNSS Constellation Requirements  [PDF]
RFI & Initial Mission Concept Documents
Spacecraft Bus and Operations Request for Information (RFI) [PDF]